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Investor Relations

Dr Nina Webster
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Business Development

Dr Nina Webster
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Research & Development

Dr Robert Shepherd
Vice President Research & Development

Dimerix HQ

SCAM ALERT: Dimerix is not currently recruiting in the US.

The Dimerix headquarters are located in a private suite of offices within the UnitedCo. shared space. Located within an iconic Fitzroy building, once the British United Shoe Machinery Company now re-imagined as a modern co-working space, our private offices, shared amenities and meeting rooms are complete with state of the art technology and furnishings.

425 Smith Street
Fitzroy VIC
3065 Australia

Clinical Trials Enquiries

At present, Dimerix DMX-200 therapy is only available to patients who participate in clinical trials. The doctors in charge of each clinical trial are responsible for deciding whether people are eligible to participate in a trial. Dimerix is unable to advise people about their medical condition or appropriate treatment. People who are interested in enrolling in clinical trials should discuss it with their own doctor, who can then refer them to the clinical trial doctors, if appropriate.

For information about any ongoing clinical trials are provided below: