Dimerix Limited

Dimerix Bioscience

Developing and Commercialising Drug Therapies

Dimerix Limited (ASX:DXB) is a clinical stage drug discovery and development company, previously known as Sun Biomedical Limited (ASX:SBN). The operational headquarters of the company are in Melbourne, where Dimerix’s lead clinical program is a Phase 2 study in Chronic Kidney Disease, DMX-200. This study has repurposing of existing molecules at its core, and upon successful results from this study, Dimerix intends to pursue the pathway of registration of a product for an orphan indication. The study has been initiated at the Austin Hospital under the supervision of Professor Power, and is currently recruiting patients.

The therapeutic rationale for DMX-200 was developed from Dimerix’s core patented technology, known as Receptor – Heteromer Investigation Technology (Receptor – HIT) which can be used to elucidate receptor interactions. Applying this technology to receptors such as G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR’s), Dimerix is able to identify differences in signaling behavior when receptors interact as heteromers, as expected in vivo, compared with the traditional analysis of single target receptors in isolation. In recent years Dimerix has been approached by several top 10 Pharmaceutical companies, and has assisted these with their drug discovery programs by applying the HIT technology and in house knowledge. These studies have assisted in validating Dimerix’s in vitro approach as a rationale for pursuing in vivo therapeutic studies.