Advancing new drug therapies for unmet medical needs

Developing novel drug therapies for unmet medical needs 2018-02-05T09:26:29+00:00

Dimerix Limited is a clinical stage biotechnology company that is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:DXB)

Our vision is to positively improve human health by creating safe and effective new treatments for patients with unmet medical needs

Recent news and media

Powerful Trial Design to Lead Next Stage DMX-200 Chronic Kidney Disease Subgroup Studies

Highlights  • Dimerix to launch next stage of lead program, DMX-200, with two simultaneous Phase 2 clinical trials in the area [...]

ASX: Lead investigator engaged for DMX-200 Phase 2 trials

Dimerix is pleased to announce that Professor Simon Roger, Director of Renal Research in Gosford, New South Wales, will serve as Principal [...]

ASX: Completion of Unmarketable Parcel Sale Facility

The directors of Dimerix are pleased to advise completion of the unmarketable parcel sale facility, first announced on 9 March 2018. [...]

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