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Video: NDF Research interview on Phase 2a results

In the interview, Kathy Harrison and Associate Professor David Packham, a Principal Investigator in the DMX-200 Phase 2a study and Director of Melbourne Renal Research Group, discusses Dimerix’s Phase 2a trial result of DMX-200 with Stuart Roberts, Senior Analyst with NDF Research.

The full interview is available here.

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Dimerix Reports Positive Results from Phase 2a Trial of DMX-200 in Chronic Kidney Disease

DMX-200 Phase 2a clinical trial meets primary safety endpoint and demonstrates encouraging efficacy in a clinically meaningful number of patients 

  •  25% of patients achieved a greater than 50% reduction in proteinuria, beyond that achieved with the highest dosage of current standard of care therapy
  •  45% of […]
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ASX Announcement – CEO Kathy Harrison on Proactive Investors Stocktube

Dimerix today published a recorded interview with Chief Executive Officer Kathy Harrison.

The recent interview highlighted a number of important points including:

− the innovative clinical and commercial development pathway for Dimerix’s lead compound (DMX-200) as a potential new therapy for treating chronic kidney disease

− the global market size and significant unmet medical need for new kidney […]

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